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Matthew Schenk


Matthew Schenk is an educator and adventure seeker.

Matthew Schenk's Bio:

Matthew Schenk is an educator and administrator working with schools that focus on International Higher Education. Dr. Schenk specializes in organizational management, team optimization, and utilizing technology to maximize communication between teams. Dr. Schenk works with both private and public universities in the United States and around the world. Dr. Schenk was previously professor of education and leadership and an administrator of multiple language immersion elementary schools. He has been an advisor to numerous educational institutions in Arizona and China and continues to work with schools around the globe. Dr. Schenk’s passion is training educators to perform at their peak performance to provide an unparalleled educational experience to the students they work with. He does this by hiring and training fiercely passionate educators with a dedication to personal and professional growth and giving those educators authentic capacity development in the best practices of educating 21st century learners.

Matthew Schenk's Experience:

  • Senior Consultant at Radiant Learning

    Radiant learning is a robust higher education preparation organization. Matthew Schenk's primary responsibilities include establishing international partnerships between China and the United States and connecting secondary schools with the resources to support their students in higher education endeavors. 

  • Adjuct Facutly at Arizona State University

    Academic associates are part-time employees who teach one or two courses per semester. As an academic associate, Dr. Schenk provides guidance to 25-30 students throughout the course of the semester, grades student work, and customizes instruction to meet the needs of every student in undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level courses.  Courses include:  EDA 578: Critical Issues in Educational Leadership COE 501: Intro to Research / Evaluation in Education TEL 430: Learning Outside of School TEL 431: Learning in Workplaces EDP 310: Developing as a Leader EDP 310: Career and Professional Development

  • Freelance Editor at Fiverr

    In his spare time, Matthew Schenk enjoys editing papers and admissions essays for International college students applying to study abroad programs all around the world. Get a quote from

Matthew Schenk's Education:

  • Arizona State University

    EdD in Leadership and Innovation
  • Northern Arizona University

    Educational Leadership and Administration
  • Grand Canyon University

    Bachelor of Education

Matthew Schenk's Interests & Activities:

Education Research Running Fitness Reading Educational Policy International Education China United States Elementary Education Phoenix Arizona Principal

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